Genuine hospitality for a sense of well-being

Our guesthouse is one of the oldest houses in Winningen and was built in the year 851. The Fronhof owned the "Jus Asyli" in medieval times. Every refugee who sought protection behind these walls was taken in and given protection against any kind of prosecution. Fortunately, there are no more refugees in Winningen today. But we like to live up to the standard set by the earlier generation, just as my parents Helga Klein-Scheid and Otto Scheid did, by making genuine hospitality and exceptional service our top priority.

The Moselle valley is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in Germany.

Who could imagine our superb culinary cuisine without the exquisite wines of our Winninger winemakers? Browse through our wine list at your leisure and ask us about the best wines from our famous steep slopes with their mineral rich slate soil. We always maintain close contact with the local winemakers and can advise you as "true Winningers" as well as give you seasonal recommendations.

For example, try our traditional house wine "Jus Asyli" from the Richard Weyh vineyard. It is from one of the best Winninger locations, the Uhlen. It is dry, fruity and slightly mineral. And, if you so desire, you can also experience the satisfying "Moselle feeling" with "Jus Asyli" at home. We offer it directly for sale here in the Fronhof-Stuben.

We wish you a few unforgettable hours in our house (in summer, also in our outside area) and we look forward to you experiencing our enthusiasm for our home by savouring and indulging.

Bon appétit and have an unforgettable stay!

Your hosts,